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NBC Power Rankings

Everyone knows there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the best hockey can be found on Sunday mornings in the Dorchester NBC League. Building on the momentum of last year’s great season, there is a lot to look forward to this year, not the least of which is the great news that our league has finally been surpassed on the national stage! Now, let’s not get too hyped up, and instead dive right into how these teams look after the big draft.







Last season this upstart team came out of the gate

like a rocket, plummeted through the end of the

regular season to finish below 0.500, but somehow

managed to rally in the post season to hoist the

most appropriate trophy in all of sports. In a sign of

the difficulty of building a dynasty in the salary cap

era, GM Dwight Fickling was forced to turn over his

entire roster. He opted for more veterans this time

around, and even brought Marty Smith out of

retirement. Only time will tell if his moves prove to

be enough, or if this team will go down as a dynasty

of 1.



Last year’s Cinderalla story caught everyone by

surprise as they rode an EBUG to the NBC

championship finals. It was something unexpected,

and something unlikely to be repeated as new

league rules prohibit teams from intentionally

injuring their own goalie in order to secure a better

replacement. GM Luke Ramsey has been around

for a while though, and he positioned himself to

stay a step ahead this year by grabbing last year’s

top offensive duo: Gord Dejong and Wes Goldie.

Those two played together last year, and Goldie