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NBC Power Rankings

Everyone knows there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the best hockey can be found on Sunday mornings in the Dorchester NBC League. Building on the momentum of last year’s great season, there is a lot to look forward to this year, not the least of which is the great news that our league has finally been surpassed on the national stage! Now, let’s not get too hyped up, and instead dive right into how these teams look after the big draft.







Last season this upstart team came out of the gate

like a rocket, plummeted through the end of the

regular season to finish below 0.500, but somehow

managed to rally in the post season to hoist the

most appropriate trophy in all of sports. In a sign of

the difficulty of building a dynasty in the salary cap

era, GM Dwight Fickling was forced to turn over his

entire roster. He opted for more veterans this time

around, and even brought Marty Smith out of

retirement. Only time will tell if his moves prove to

be enough, or if this team will go down as a dynasty

of 1.



Last year’s Cinderalla story caught everyone by

surprise as they rode an EBUG to the NBC

championship finals. It was something unexpected,

and something unlikely to be repeated as new

league rules prohibit teams from intentionally

injuring their own goalie in order to secure a better

replacement. GM Luke Ramsey has been around

for a while though, and he positioned himself to

stay a step ahead this year by grabbing last year’s

top offensive duo: Gord Dejong and Wes Goldie.

Those two played together last year, and Goldie

won his first scoring title. That’s all you need to

know about their chemistry.



The fact that Taz did not get drafted to this team

has to be the most obvious mistake this town has

seen since that time he tried to spell his own full

name. Aside from that travesty, there are many

other of questions here, but perhaps the most

intriguing is: which Ian MacDonald is the one with

the little “d”?



I sure hope Adam Bender can cover a lot of ground

in his own zone, because if you think Matt Jansel

and Darryl Candy are coming back for anything

other than a face off, you’re kidding yourself. This

team’s construction looks to be centered around a

formula for high risk, high reward hockey. If you

discount the complete absence of talent, you could

make a case that this team resembles the 1980’s

Oilers. It remains to be seen if that style of hockey

can be successful in this league, in the modern era.



This team may have guys named Motor and Fast

Dave but look for the real speed and production to

come from the line of Bishop-Shoniker-Gurmin.

Beyond that line of majestic talent, the only other

thing worth watching here is how long it takes Ryan

Grayson to make Phil Nolet quit; before Christmas

is currently going off at even money.



Unfortunately for Assurance, the longest active

draft streak continued this year, once again Erik

Cochrane will be stuck on the team with the worst

goalie. Dave Grayson may have seen this curse

coming though, as he wisely picked up some level

of insurance - or assurance - in the form of Trevor

Macdonald. We will have to see how long before

the media creates a goaltending controversy with

this team.



​A rookie GM comes with rookie GM mistakes, and

you can’t do much about that. But, over time and

with more experience, you’d have to think Jeff

Carsey wouldn’t do things like drafting Tyler

Jeffries. The only thing worse, would be taking him

as an “A” player. We will see if Ryan Morrison can

lead a speedy defensive core to overcome that

blunder and propel this team to its first playoff




Brandon Haasen made some interesting decisions

on draft night, bringing back Kevin Bachert after

last year’s midseason trade and hanging onto

veteran defenseman Johnny Warren. I know he

swapped out his goalie, but if my team gave up the

most goals in league history, I don’t think I’d be

bringing anybody back. We’ll see if the changes can

bring his laughingstock of an organization back to


That’s it for this edition. Good luck, and let’s have a great season!


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